HealthCare Equality

‘Rich-poor’ cancer gap persists – Social Inequality Today

Each year 5,600 people in England miss out on having their cancer diagnosed at an earlier stage because of social inequalities, say experts. The findings in Annals of Oncology show…

Gender Equality

Gender-Based Violence: Read, Watch, Listen

Here are some interesting movies, shows, videos, podcasts, and books that address issues of gender-based violence. This list is not comprehensive, but it is a great starting point. Please note…

New survey: Few are Well-Prepared to Support Someone Facing Gender-Based Violence

Canadian Women’s Foundation flags low public confidence in knowing what to say and do, but texting SIGNAL to 540-540 will help people feel more prepared A national poll conducted by…

Crime & Justice

Boston University student newspaper says it can fix campus safety issue by abolishing campus police

The editorial board of Boston University’s independent student newspaper has called for ‘outright abolishing’ campus police who have ‘egregious history and present of violence and racism’ Ridding the campus of cops…

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