HealthCare Equality

‘Rich-poor’ cancer gap persists – Social Inequality Today

Each year 5,600 people in England miss out on having their cancer diagnosed at an earlier stage because of social inequalities, say experts. The findings in Annals of Oncology show…

Gender Equality

Empowering community women through Gender, Water, Climate Change program –

Centre for Social Research aims to strengthen climate action by promoting gender equality. Recognizing the important contributions of women as decision-makers, educators, stakeholders, and experts across sectors and at all…

UN Women hopes $40 billion will accelerate gender equality

UNITED NATIONS — The outgoing head of the UN women’s agency is hoping that in five years the $40 billion recently pledged to promote gender equality will lead to many…

Crime & Justice

OPINION: We cannot allow House Bill 805 to pass | Opinion

On Sept. 1, House Bill 805 was presented to NC Gov. Cooper after passing in the Senate on Aug. 26. HB805 has been referred to as the “Anti-Black Lives Matter…

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