A brighter future for India’s daughters

Gulmakai Champion Rehana Rehman is giving girls like Razia an opportunity to learn.

Girls in Uttar Pradesh, India sit for an assembly. Thanks to the work of Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Champions, more girls are able to continue going to school.

In northern India, when families struggle to make ends meet, educating their daughters becomes a luxury.

That’s why Malala Fund is investing in education advocates like Rehana Rehman, who promotes girls’ education in rural Indian villages and persuades parents that school will give their daughters a brighter future.

Razia (far left) poses with Rehana (center) and Ravina (far right), who was also able to continue her education thanks to Rehana’s campaign. (Photo courtesy of NBSKS)

Malala Fund supporters are helping Rehana — and 23 other activists that make up the Gulmakai Network — further their work in regions where girls face the greatest barriers to education. Donate today so Rehana and Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network can reach even more out-of-school girls.

For years, Rehana has helped girls like Razia, whose family took her out of school after grade 8. Razia was determined to continue her education — and Rehana helped to convince her parents.

It wasn’t easy. Sometimes the family didn’t have enough food and Razia had to help her mother with work to earn money. Their home has no electricity, so Razia did her homework by candlelight. But today Razia is still in school and dreams of becoming a teacher.

More than 130 million girls out of school around the world don’t have people like Rehana to look out for them. With your support, we can help Rehana and the rest of the Gulmakai Network reach more girls.

Help grow Malala Fund’s Gulmakai Network. Your gift helps us break down the barriers keeping girls out of school.

Local educators and activists understand challenges in their communities and are best placed to identify, innovate and advocate for policy and programmatic solutions.

Malala Fund believes in these remarkable champions and we’re investing in their work so that every girl can learn and lead without fear.

A brighter future for India’s daughters was originally published in Malala Fund – archive on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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