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Authentic Communication


Your professional presence can inspire others and change outcomes. Developing your individual potential and structuring your performance teaches you to be mind-ful, reflective, and aware – core traits of Authentic Communication.


Communication is the key to developing and maintaining personal
and professional relationships for a lifetime. It is a critical component in defining an effective leader.

It’s not just what you choose to say but how you say it.

Your voice and body speak louder than words.


My name is Felecia Phillips Ollie, DD (h.c.). As an executive communications coach, I help highly skilled professionals find their voice and deliver their message.

With over two decades as a professional speaker (on-air talent for television and radio, newspaper journalist, and government spokesperson), I have developed a process of mindful preparation, practice, and performance for leaders in every industry who seek to communicate their messages to a variety of audiences – executing clear strategies of ob-serving, listening, and responding to set the pace, shape, and sound of the message.

My specialty is Leader Presence for Women Executives. This powerful coaching program is designed to help rising women leaders own the room, earn trust, drive action, and win opportunities by overcoming biases that interfere with their leadership presence and ca-reer goals.

Enter an environment to openly discuss real issues, challenges, and biases that are unique to women, including advocating for yourself, navigating the double bind of being pushy and being a pushover, and considering the implications of the competency thresh-old. And leave more confident, connected, and focused.

Synthesizing these techniques is the key to mastering the art of authentic communication




Listen and Observe

Great communicators are also great listeners. When you listen well, you gain a clear un-derstanding. Listening fosters trust, respect, and openness. Active listening is an integral part of coaching others. Ask questions that open the door to what people really think and feel. Pay close attention to what is said — and what’s left unsaid


Find Your Voice

We conduct a SELF-DISCOVERY assessment to find or clarify your authentic self.

Do you sound like someone you’re not? Who you are, where you come from, and what you value must be the essence of your communication. Be vulnerable and share your au-thentic self. Don’t disguise yourself. People will never willingly follow someone they feel is inauthentic.


Communicate Continuously

Communicating information, thoughts, and ideas clearly, and frequently provides con-sistency. Keep processes open and transparent, and find ways to help smooth the com-munication path for your team or organization. Take the time to connect with your commu-nity.