Delhi Cop Beaten Inside Police Station by Miscreants, Forced to Apologize, Video Goes Viral

In a shocking turn of events, a cop in Delhi was beaten inside the police station by a group of unidentified miscreants. The cop was further forced to apologize as seen in the video gone viral. While it is still to be confirmed as to why the unidentified miscreants launched an assault on the cop, it is being reported that the incident transpired at Delhi’s Anand Vihar police station and occurred on August 3. The cop who was brutally assaulted has also not been identified.

In the video gone viral, unidentified people are seen pulling the cop in question by his collar while others around them take video of the incident on their mobile phones. The shocking ordeal is such that the cop was forced to apologize.

However, his apology falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile, two men are seen slapping the hazed and weary cop. Shockingly enough, no other cops, or any civilians are seen trying to intervene and rescue the cop. The cop eventually pulls out his mobile phone, and seems to be trying to not react to the horrific assault he was on the receiving end of.

According to reports, the victim has been identified as a head constable of the police station. After the video of the incident made it to the media, DSP has assured appropriate action.

The Facts of the Matter

While innumerable citizens across the nation face injustice in the form of horrific and unwarranted police brutality, often there are times when police have to face the brunt of shocking assault.

In one such incident reported from the national capital, a cop was brutally assaulted by unidentified group of miscreants with the video of the entire incident now making rounds of social media.

The incident transpired sometime on August 3, and occurred at the Anand Vihar police station. The cop in question who was assaulted by mob of men was a head constable.

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What Does the Video Show?

In the video of the incident, a group of 8-10 men are seen pushing and shoving the head constable. They further grab the cop by his collar, and make him sit on a chair. Cornered and ambushed, the cop is forced to plead and apologize for something which is still unreported in the media.

However, his apologies and pleading falls on deaf ears as two men slap the cop hard on his face. Shockingly enough, the cop doesn’t react or resist the assault. Further no other cop in the police station is seen trying to intervene in the matter.

All that is left is other men who can be seen taking video of the brutal assault.

Watch the Video Here:

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DSP Assures Action

It should be noted that after the media got its hands on the video, the DSP took cognizance of the matter. Assuring strict action to the culprits, the DSP has claimed that an investigation is on in the matter.

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UP Man Thrashes Cop Inside Police Station

Earlier in July this year, a video of a young man thrashing a police officer in the station went viral. The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Mainpuri and occurred inside a police station. According to reports, the young man was accused of domestic abuse, and was called to the police station regarding the same. However, the man lost his cool, and during the counselling that the cop was providing, he started thrashing the cop.


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