Here’s how you can uplift Black women on Black Women’s Equal Pay Day

Black women earn only 58 cents for every $1 a white, non-Hispanic male makes.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day is being observed on Wednesday, September 21 this year. This signifies that it takes Black women over nine months to earn what white men made in all of 2021.

Inequities in pay only exacerbate the compounding oppression of being both Black and a woman in this country. Gender justice must be married to racial justice in order for there to ever be a semblance of equal pay.

Here are five ways you can uplift Black Women’s Equal Pay Day the day-of and throughout the year. Be sure to follow Equal Pay Today on social media to amplify the need for pay equity in the workforce.

1. Get loud with us on social media

It’s time to dust off that Twitter account you’ve been sleeping on. Join the national Twitterstorm on September 21 at 11 a.m. PST / 2 p.m. EST for an hour of advocacy to raise awareness about the wage gap Black women face on the job.

No need to make your own content! Just copy and paste pre-drafted tweets from the toolkit linked here and you’re well on your way to raising awareness. Start by clicking the tweet below!

2. Take a stand so pregnant workers can sit. 

Black women are more likely to experience dire [and often fatal] maternal-related health outcomes, yet lawmakers have yet to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act which would be the first step in protecting those who are expecting. 

Black pregnant and postpartum workers often get pushed off the job when asking for basic accommodations like reasonable sitting breaks, or even access to water. This not only jeopardizes their economic security, but their health as well. We need Pregnant Workers Fairness Act NOW! Tweet at your lawmakers by clicking the link below.

3. Support the Pay Transparency for Pay Equity Act! (California residents only)

Pay transparency is key to ensuring that companies take proactive and meaningful steps to close gender and racial pay gaps and ensure better representation of women and people of color at higher wage levels within their companies. We are so pleased to see one of our Stronger California priority bills awaiting Governor Gavin Newsom’s signature.

If you live in California, we urge you to click below and send a pre-drafted email asking the Governor to sign SB 1162 into law!

4. Advance better working conditions for Black women.

Our Family Voices Amplified survey captures the economic reality of over 600 women, mostly Black and Latinx, who are still suffering from the fallout due to the pandemic. Learn how you can support and advocate for policies that center Black and Latinx women in 2022 and beyond. 

Black women are more likely to be single caretakers or head of household, yet even when partnered, they cannot afford quality childcare as you’ll see in our Family Voices Amplified report.

Furthermore, 84% of respondents agreed that debt burden is a significant source of stress in their life. If they were paid a fair and equitable wage, this number would likely be much lower. All the more reason to raise awareness for Black Women’s Equal Pay Day.

Be the first to watch our newest video about our Family Voices Amplified report.

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5. Support the Equal Pay Today campaign

Support the work of Equal Rights Advocates, and our national coalition project Equal Pay Today, in our fight to close gender and racial wage gaps. Every gift helps make a difference!

Click here to make your donation to Equal Pay Today!

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